Welding method of sheet metal chassis customized chassis


Sheet metal cold stamping processing material selection

Sheet metal cold stamping is a commonly used processing technology in sheet metal processing, among which cold stamping is an important process. From the selection of sheet metal materials to the later acceptance, every step of sheet metal parts processing is very important. Let's take a look at the material selection of sheet metal cold stamping.

Mar 02,2024

Ensure the quality of sheet metal parts

In the processing of precision sheet metal shells, the quality of sheet metal is very important, and there are many factors that affect product quality. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, it is necessary to pay attention to many details of sheet metal processing:

Mar 02,2024

Several connection methods in small and medium-volume sheet metal processing and customized production

With the continuous updating and development of production equipment, most of the forming processes end on the machine. Manual methods are usually used for compensating processing and finishing operations. However, in the case of single-piece production or some parts with complex shapes, they still cannot do without manual operation and processing. If the manual forming of sheet metal processing parts is completed using some simple tire shapes, profiling and zero-total fixtures, the manual forming should adopt the following methods: bending, edge standing, edge sealing, edge pulling, arch bending, rolling, weld correction, etc.

Mar 02,2024