Processing Capacity

Forming workshop

In the Forming workshop,there are salvagnini automatic bending machine,Murata CNC bending machine,Amada CNC bending machine and the other advanced bending machines.In addition,there are also rocker drill,bench drill,tapping machine,riveting machine,milling machine inside.


Forming equipment1

Forming equipment2

Forming equipment3

Salvagnini automatic bending machine

Features: a higher degree of automation, to achieve flexible metal sheet processing, processing of better product quality, product more beautiful.
Minimize the management of raw materials, to maximize production efficiency.
Maximum bend length:2500
Maximum bending width:1250
Maximum bending height:165
Material processing thickness range:0.5-3mm
Main processing range of products:Chassis cabinets, metal curtain walls, elevators, fire doors.

CNC bending machine(13sets)

Bending ability:100-300T
Maximum bending length:4000mm

Ordinary punch(8 sets)(In the new R & D design team, to provide customers with a wide range of molding needs)

Punching and shearing ability parameters:20t-200t